About Us

Sandepro believes in providing innovative solutions to wide ranging technical challenges incorporating scientific, electronic, and engineering disciplines.

Sandepro started as a Consulting firm providing solutions to the chemical physics and biotech business sectors. One of these projects was a hands-free counting system for cellular microscopy. We’ve taken the foot switch counting components of that system and built a business around it. We now offer both wired and wireless versions of these foot switch counting systems. Interestingly, what started out as a product aimed at the life sciences has found applications in numerous (unanticipated) fields including counting motor windings, electrochemical dipping processes, manufacturing defect tracking, hair and eyelash replacement and too many others to list here!

Our products and services are:

- Wired Counting Systems

- Wireless Counting Systems

- Custom Counting Systems

Over the years, Sandepro has designed and fabricated numerous custom scientific instrumentation systems.

Custom Counting Systems: A Totalizing Counter for Foot Switch Counting Systems

Sandepro can provide custom foot switch counting systems which include up to 15 wired or wireless foot switch counters and a wireless totalizing counter. Prices for these systems vary depending on the number of counters included and whether they are wired or wireless. Call or email Sandepro to discuss your unique hands-free counting needs.

For all your counting needs, Sandepro has the experience and innovation to find a solution to your most challenging projects.

Let Sandepro solve your counting challenge.

At Sandepro we strive to provide innovative solutions to technical challenges.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you move forward.




Dr. Steadman has been providing innovative solutions to wide ranging technical challenges for more than thirty years. Dr. Steadman has consulted for several San Diego Biotech companies. Prior to opening Sandepro, Dr. Steadman was Director of Engineering and Development at Biocept Inc., a biotech startup in San Diego performing rare cell capture in microfluidic devices. Prior to Biocept, Dr. Steadman served designed custom mass spectrometers for Sequenom, Inc., a high throughput Genomics company in San Diego. Dr. Steadman worked for both the Army and Air Force as a contracting scientist performing fundamental research in photoelectron and laser mass spectrometry. Dr. Steadman attained his Doctoral degree from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.




Mrs. Steadman has been a chief operation officer at Sandepro responsible for finance, marketing, and company operation for many years. Prior to Sandepro, Mrs. Steadman was Engineering Manager in Research and Development of the Inkjet Printer Business at Hewlett Packard Company in San Diego, led the global engineering teams to manage software projects of the inkjet printers. Prior to Hewlett Packard Company, Mrs. Steadman led product development engineering on integrated circuit components at Texas Instruments in Dallas. Mrs. Steadman attained her Master Degree of Electrical Engineering from University at Texas at Arlington.