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How far away can the wireless foot switch be from the display in the wireless counting systems?

The transmitter/receiver pairs are rated to 300 feet however they have only been tested to 100 feet.

How long does the battery last in the wireless foot switch?

The lifetime of the battery in the wireless foot switch depends on usage of course. Based on reasonable estimates of the factors involved, we predict the battery will last 5-6 months. The battery is a common size and changing it is easy

Can Sandepro create custom counting systems?

Absolutely, recently, Sandepro created a custom wireless counting system for a laboratory with 10 biological safety hoods. There was a wireless foot switch counter for each hood and a totalizing counter which kept a sum of counts from all of the individual counters. To minimize the footprint of the counters in the biological safety hoods, alternative enclosures were used and the device were held in place magnetically. The system was designed, assembled and tested at Sandepro before being shipped to the customer.